u for mE ?

Self created poem is here,

From the foolish creator!

Something is there in the bonds we share

I found U in the crowds

In my loneliness

“U for me?”

I don’t know how to define

Yes I have thousands of friends

100 of  best friends

But “u for me” z different from friends

Yes it is different from best friends

But combo pack of best friend n friends

Again here I am confused in defining

U for me?

U for me my brain said

It’s just result of age

My heart answered it is love

My friend said it might be attraction

My best friend said, idiot ! u r in wrong direction

My inner fear said you will lost everything

by defining u for me?

Then let it be

Finally I decide to ask you

What is u for me?

Ultimate will be your answer

My heart is in melted form

U can flow it in direction u want!

U for me ?
Answer is all yours.








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